Nafplio, capital of the prefecture of Argolis and the first capital of Greece is a picturesque city with great historical and cultural tradition. The character of the city takes us to a city environment neoclassical 19th century .. The main source of revenue is tourism as an important destination for all seasons with great tradition and centuries of history. In the city, there is commercial port and exports mainly agricultural products inland county.

The name comes from the mythical hero Nafplion which was the son of Poseidon and founder of ancient Nauplia. The area has been inhabited since the Mycenaean era as evidenced by the findings. In the early 7th eg century. Nauplia is the founding member of the confederacy Kalaureia and later referred to as seaport of Argos. The inhabitants of Argos would actually fortify the 7th century Acronauplia. According to Pausanias, who visited the region to Roman times, the city is almost deserted. The name Nafplion or Anapli adopted the Byzantine period, when the town is the center of local Byzantine hegemony with most important ruler Theodore Sgouro.

The town changed hands in 1210 passing the Franks, while in 1388 Nafplio belongs to the Venetians. The new rulers of the city will make a lot of fortifications. Slowly Nauplion retrieves the roll and the Third National Assembly designates as official capital of the country on May 4, 1827, but before 1827 the seat of government was moved to Nafplio at intervals. A year after coming in Nafplion Kapodistrias, who was assassinated in 1831. C The National Assembly had designated as provisional governor for seven years. His priority was the reconstruction of the army and fleet thus managed to expand the boundaries of the country as Central Greece. Kapodistrias organized the first Greek schools, also reorganizes the corrupt justice. The governor finally will make efforts to strengthen the agriculture and will cut the first Greek currency phoenix. In 1833 Othon arrives in Nafplion and a year later became the capital Athens. Finally in 1862 in Nafplion started riots Othon’s expulsion.